Firely Pediatric and Adult Services

Firely Pediatric Home Care provides Skilled Nursing Services for Pediatric clients in their homes. Receiving Medicare and JCAHO Certifications, we continually strive to maintain the high quality of services initiated when we opened the agency in 1998.  Additionally, we contract with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapist.  

Having grown up with a medically fragile brother, followed by working in the field for various nursing companies, the owners are aware of the need for a new approach to empathetic, compassionate, committed home care.  We believe this philosophy is passed from the owners through the office and field staff, and is deeply appreciated by our clients and their families.  We know that what we do makes a significant difference in our families’ lives.  

Medically Fragile Children who have ongoing medical needs are eligible for our services. A physician signed letter of medical necessity will be required to authorize nursing services.    RN & LPN Pediatric Private Duty School Nursing Shifts Nurses accompany children to school, providing 1:1 care as prescribed.   

Other Home Care Services 

Skilled Nursing Visits     
Our Skilled RN’s and LPN’s are fully qualified to provide a wide range of comprehensive and professional services and they will help to create and ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to home. Nursing services must be ordered by a physician and directly related to an active treatment plan of care.      

Case Management    
The Case Manager is a registered nurse who will act as an advocate for you and your child.The case manager is responsible for coordinating the care and  services delivered to your child by our staff while working directly with you and your child’s  physician to create an individualized Plan of Care that includes all medical care, personal care, and ongoing support of your child’s PT,OT and ST plans. Your case manager also ensures that all documents in the home and main office are correct and up to date. The case manager maintains an open line of communication with their assigned client, the family and the client’s physician providing you, your child, and the nurses with resources and education, monitoring, hospitalization, and emergency services, as well as ongoing support. 

Firely Pediatric Services is committed to meeting the needs of our clients, and will do everything possible to provide all of the coverage prescribed. A scheduling coordinator is available full time and on call to work on your scheduling needs. Any schedule changes or issues can easily be addressed with a phone call to the scheduler and /or the case manager.  

Insurance Coverage
Firely Pediatric Services will receive insurance authorization from each child's insurance company. It is the family's responsibility to notify Firely Pediatric Services of any insurance changes during the time of service so that there is no cost to each family! We work with all insurance carriers to be able to provide each child the care and service that they deserve!


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