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Firely Pediatric and Adult Services

About Us

Having grown up with a medically fragile brother, followed by working in the field for various nursing companies, Marty and Holly Firely became aware of the need for a new approach to Home Care. In 1998 Firely Home Care was established and continues today. We believe in an empathic, compassionate and committed approach to Home Care. This belief is passed from the owner to the office and field staff, and is deeply appreciated by our clients and their families.  
    In 2005 Marty and Holly Firely opened The PPECC which is Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center. The PPECC allows parents to work, go to school and take care of other family responsibilities while their medically fragile child is cared for by professional nurses and patient support aides, in a fun, child friendly atmosphere on a regular basis.   Providing care for our families in both the Home Care and PPECC, the owners became aware of an acute need for a home-like environment for medically fragile children. 
    In 2007 our first residential Home for Kids was opened. To date we have  four residential homes located in Allentown, Harleysville, Pottstown and Bradford Counties. Our Home for Kids offers a warm, comfortable, home-like environment while meeting the complex medical, physical and spiritual needs of the children in our care. Our staff also provides ongoing  support, education and training for the families of our residents.   
    Having established Firely Pediatric Services, we wanted a way to enrich the lives of medically fragile children by allowing  them to experience God's creations, so in 2005 The Firely Foundation was established. It is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. The Firely Foundation raises funds to help offset the cost associated with raising a medically fragile child. Camp for Kids, Respite Care and a Benevolence Fund are some of the programs funded by the Foundation.  Firely Pediatric Services continues to grow to meet the changing needs of our clients.  
    Knowing that our Home for Kids is only available to children from birth to  age 21, Marty and Holly saw the need to open adult homes.  In the last year we have opened three Adult Residential Homes in Montgomery County and have plans for more homes in the near future. 

 In addition, as of 2016 we also have 3 CLA's homes and four community homes.

"Welcome to Firely Pediatric Services.  We are Marty and Holly Firely.  We are blessed to be given the task of helping care for you and your loved ones!  We view this as our God given purpose and strive to always do the best we can to serve you. This, of course, would not be possible without all of the wonderful people that partner with us to carry out this care."

We feel that our employees are some of the best in the world!         

"We pledge to continue to care for all our clients and their families to the best of our ability. We also look to promote our foundation to widen the influence it may have in helping families cope with the many needs that arise from having a medically fragile child."

Thank You for trusting us with such a big responsibility!!!